phone 7 replacement battery

If it seems like your iPhone is not lasting as long as it used to and it’s running slower then it was before then it’s most likely the battery! Today’s phones use lithium batteries, while they can perform longer than the old ni-cad batteries we one used they still degrade over time. In 2017 it was discovered by an independent repair store that Apple was purposely slowing down older phones due to batteries, instead of risking the phone just crashing when there wasn’t enough power they would slow the processor down by providing it less voltage, this means slower response and delays opening things on your phone.

When this was discovered the response by Apple was to better inform customers of battery problems, and they had a program for a while that offered $35 battery replacements. These repairs would take a month or more for an appointment, and this program is now over. They now charge more than $55 for batteries.

When they started their program for $35 we lowered our price to this, the difference was we didn’t have the month wait times. And although they have stopped offering this discount we have continued and made this our permanent price for iPhone batteries. So, if your phone is slower than normal or just not staying charged as long bring it by, and we’ll get it fixed up in about 30 minutes for only $35. We are GadgetFix, located behind Mellow Mushroom.