Who Are The GadgetFix Guys

GadgetFix was founded in 2006 by a guy with a vision- His idea was simple: Affordable computer repair services. We originally started as a mobile repair business going to people’s houses to repair their computers, and other gadgets. We did this for a few years, and enjoyed every moment of it!

After this, we changed paths for a few years and became an outsourcing company providing remote computer support services to several large clients such as Geek Squad, Staples, Microsoft and more! At the height of this business, we had 70 technicians working from home all over the U.S.

In 2012 we opened our first storefront in Jacksonville’s Mandarin neighborhood, Originally started as a computer repair store we merged with a cell phone repair store to expand our offerings, In 2015 we opened our Beaches location and the rest is history now!  We’ve helped thousands of customers with even more thousands of devices!

The part we enjoy the most is the constant challenge, Every day we see a new gadget and get to figure out how it works, and why it’s not working anymore. We’ve worked on everything from baby monitors all the way to providing expert forensic data recovery services in an arson case.

Meet Our Team

Russell P.

Russell started Award Tech in 2006, a company which would grow and change to be the GadgetFix that we have today. He has a passion for repair, and ensuring things are done correctly. Before opening the store locations Russell owned and managed an IT outsourcing company with over 70 technicians all over the U.S. proving his dedication and talent for leadership.

In his spare time, Russell is a Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer and enjoys developing workshops to teach those willing and wanting to learn the safe and responsible part of gun ownership and also teaching concealed carry courses within the state.

Vasken M.

James D.

James is a US Army combat veteran. At a young age found his love of computers and began disassembling and reassembling any device he could get his hands on. In 2011 he began working with Russell and demonstrated an ability to learn, perform, and teach various repair jobs.
When he is not at work he is a dedicated father to his children and co-founder of 50/50USG, a veteran outreach not for profit company.

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