iPhone Battery Replacements and Charging Problems Fixed

GadgetFix offers same-day battery replacements for most phones. We also repair other charging problems such as bad and broken charging ports, U2 Chip Replacements on iPhones and more. If your phone doesn’t charge or last as long as it did stop by one of our stores today!

No Appointment Needed, Ever! We fix iPhone batteries in a few minutes, and at a price better than even the official repair store that takes up to 3 weeks to get an appointment!

What others say..

“My experience with this shop has been very nice. I’ve used them twice and both times they were really good. Fast service and great communication are always a plus since we rely on our computers and phones so much every day. Thanks guys.”

Suresh Kampalli

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“I really appreciate the staff at Gadgetfix. They are courteous, knowledgeable and honest. I have been here 3x’s and each time I have been pleased with the results. If they aren’t able to fix it, they just let you know instead of putting a bandage on it and saying it’s fixed. I would highly recommend them for electronics repair.”

Kenny Bethay

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“Prices are very reasonable, service is fast, customer service is phenomenal! The owner (I believe he was the owner lol) is very respectful and super kind and friendly. I am very pleased with the service. He fixed my phone for me right before closing which was a life saver!”

Sabine Jones

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 iPhone 6 Series
 iPhone 7 Series

 iPhone 8 Series
 Older iPhones

Charging Problems

Wiggle the cable, Prop it up, Wrap the cable around it? We’ve seen it all! Over time your charging port will wear out, The pins will move around and it won’t fit as snug as it used to!

We can repair your charging port fast! We offer quick, walk-in repairs for most iPhone and other phone models.

We were the first shop in N.E. Florida to offer Micro-Soldering in-house for charge port repairs, While the other guys were sending them out we were taking them in, and repairing them the same day! Skip the rest, and come to the best to fix your phone charging problem!

Battery Repairs

Your phone has a lithium-ion battery inside of it! Over time batteries degrade with use, There’s nothing you can do to stop it, it’s just a part of owning a phone.  When your battery goes bad you may notice decreased speed, faster charge times and decreased battery life.

Walk into our Jacksonville locations for fast, affordable battery repairs without needing an appointment!

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